Discover your copyrighted Content present online

Removal of content from search engines. 

Removal of content from social media and prevent its sharing.

Removal of content from P2P sharing.

Encourage people to use licensed content and increase your revenues.

Welcome to Digimedia Solutions

Creating new technologies from being caught in Internet Piracy and losing revenue

Welcome to Digimedia Solutions Pvt Ltd. We at Digimedia  create and build powerful solutions to curb and fight against online piracy. We specialize in providing anti piracy service for Film and Music Industry. Everyday thousands of your digital products, videos and songs are shared illegally over the internet. Your profit gets diminished and you lose large chunk of money due to that.

At Digimedia Solutions we work to build powerful and cost effective methods for record labels, production companies to protect their work from online piracy and so that they can get maximum and optimum profit of their copyrighted material.

For this we adopt our 3 step methodology.

  • Discover your copyrighted content which is being illegally distributed with our powerful in built analytics.
  • Removal of your content at the source or stop it from being distributed.
  • Removal of content from Search Engines so that people can’t reach to your content

We also remove content from social media and prevent people from sharing it via social media.

Our online tools and analytics help us in monitoring your content and we keep a strict eye so that matter can’t be reproduced on distributed.

Apart from social media we also remove the material form P2P websites, torrent caches, streaming websites both audio and Video. We also keep an eye on pre release videos from being distributed online.

Also is our aim to encourage people to use licensed content.